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Cliff Andrews

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Etonbury Green Wheel Masterplan announced!

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We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Etonbury Green Wheel Masterplan is now our for public consultation (click here):

Produced by BRCC in partnership with CBC and the local stakeholders, the Masterplan identifies proposals for creating an off-road corridor for walkers and riders around the communities of Arlesey, Fairfield and Stotfold, which passes through and beside areas of landscape, wildlife and heritage value.

Subject to consultation responses, it is hoped that the finalised masterplan will be adopted by all stakeholders later this year – and that the practical creation of the Wheel will continue over the next few years.


Download: the Etonbury Green Wheel Consultation Flyer (PDF 780KB)

Barn Owl Baby Boom

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The British Olympic Team have not been the only success story this summer – BRCC’s Barn Owl boxes in the Ivel & Ouse valleys have been overflowing with chicks. The 2nd best year ever (since the majority of the boxes were erected in 2002) has seen a total of 49 young recorded from the 50 boxes – a stark contrast to last year when only 2 boxes were successful, with a total of six young.  2016 has only been beaten by 2008 when an amazing 87 young were recorded.

owlet 2  A relaxed owlet ready to be weighed and measured.  owlet

There were 25 young from the boxes in the Ivel valley and 24 from the Ouse boxes. The largest family, with 5 young, were found in a box in the Ouse valley. The low number in 2015 has been attributed to the low number of voles, the Barn Owls main prey item. Hopefully 2017 will have plenty of voles and yield another good crop of owlets.

Barn Owls are a protected species and it is illegal to disturb or interfere with a box. The boxes in the Ivel and Ouse valleys are checked by a British Trust for Ornithology licence-holder, for whose voluntary services BRCC are very grateful.

Putting the Green Wheel into the Biggleswade Green Wheel

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BRCC staff among the first to walk through Green Wheel

BRCC staff among the first to walk through Green Wheel

Users of the Green Wheel, including Dan Albone on his bike

Users of the Green Wheel, including Dan Albone on his bike









The latest addition to the Biggleswade Green Wheel was installed this week – a Green Wheel!

Commissioned by BRCC and designed by artist Martin Heron, the installation is on the route of the Biggleswade Green Wheel as it passes through CBC’s Saxon Drive Linear Woods.

Various figures are depicted along the top of the wheel, with the cyclist being local legend Dan Albone, the image being taken from a photo of him riding the Ivel Cycle which he invented.

Cliff Andrews, BRCC’s Supporting Communities Manager said “We hope that this feature, along with the recently installed carved benches will be enjoyed by all users of the Biggleswade Green Wheel.  It has been great to work with Martin Heron who also designed the ‘tractor’ sculpture we installed at the Dan Albone Car Park in March.”



Dan Albone rides into Biggleswade

Written by Cliff Andrews on . Posted in Biggleswade Green Wheel, Green Infrastructure, Latest News

We are very pleased to announce the installation of a sculpture on the Biggleswade Green Wheel. The project, led by BRCC and working with artist Martin Heron, means Dan Albone can now be viewed driving his original ‘Ivel Agricultural Motor’ in the Dan Albone Picnic Area beside the River Ivel.  Dan, who was born just over 100m from the sculpture’s location invented the machine which is the father of all modern tractors.  He also manufactured the Ivel Safety Cycle, riding to many victories at national and international races.

installing small group small
The image of the tractor plays tricks with the mind as you walk around and view it from different angles and in different light. Is it 2D or 3D? Perhaps 2 1/2 ?!
With thanks to project partners: The Fen Reeves of Biggleswade Common, Biggleswade TC, Biggleswade History Society and CBC. Photo: Andy Buckley

RevIVEL of the IVEL

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The Upper & Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership (UBOCP) will be holding a community engagement day on Biggleswade Common on Sunday 13th September.

The event, which will run from 10.00am to 3.00pm will provide information on a wide range of issues, as well as a hands-on opportunity to support river restoration works on the River Ivel. Visitors are welcome to pop in at any time, for as long or short as they wish. Information on topics such as water quality, angling, invasive non-native species, habitat conservation and rivers restoration techniques will be available. Members of the public who want to roll their sleeves up will be able to assist in constructing willow bundles which will be used to help protect sections of riverbank against erosion.

Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and the Environment Agency, both key members of UBOCP, will host the event, which will be located where the River Ivel is joined by Bells Brook – approximately 400m (5 minutes walk) north of the Dan Albone Car Park.

BRCC’s Cliff Andrews says ‘We hope to have a large tank with some of our local river fish; and also a 3D river model which can demonstrate erosion and deposition processes. I’m really looking forward to that’.

The practical works being undertaken are part of a series of enhancements being undertaken with funding that UBOCP secured from the Catchment Partnership Action Fund. Further works to be undertaken on the Ivel at Biggleswade common over the coming months include re-profiling of the most-eroded sections of bank, fencing, tree planting and the provision of designated cattle drinking areas.

For more information about the event contact:

For more information about the Upper & Bedford Ouse Catchment Partnership, please visit


Rural Housing Week

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This week (6th – 12th July) is Rural Housing Week. The aim of the week is to highlight rural housing issues and to showcase the great projects that have been delivered nationally to tackle these problems. This is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on successful developments that offer a lifeline to local people in our market towns and villages, and to reinforce the message that housing is vital to the survival of rural communities and services.

To find out more about Rural Housing nationally, visit: 

BRCC’s Housing service assists Parish Council to undertake Housing Needs Surveys in order to help provide affordable homes for people within their community.  For more information on our service, please contact Jemma McLean at or on 01234 832932


Village SOS

Written by Cliff Andrews on . Posted in Latest News, Rural campaigns, Supporting Communities

BRCC, working in partnership with our national umbrella body – ACRE – have staff time available to support enterprising communities under the Big Lottery funded Village SOS initiative.

The initiative is all about helping communities to survive, thrive and become more enterprising. That might be by keeping services such as shops or playgroups alive for your village or by starting up a new enterprise that could create income to benefit your local area.

For more information visit: or e-mail


Biggleswade Green Wheel

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The Biggleswade Green Wheel is a walking and cycling route around the town, passing through areas of landscape, heritage and wildlife interest.  Much of the Green Wheel is now in place and able to be used, with remaining sections due be completed over the next year or two.  Start enjoying the Green Wheel now, and remember to look out for further route improvements in due course.

To find out more about the Biggleswade Green Wheel, click here

Or download our promotional material here


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