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Invitation to submit a tender for ‘Creating a Brand for the Greensand Country’

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The Greensand  Country Landscape Partnership is an exciting Landscape Partnership project focused on the Greensand Ridge in Bedfordshire, led by the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and the Greensand Trust.  ‘Greensand Country’ is an island of distinctive, beautiful and loved countryside, based on a band of higher ground stretching from Leighton Buzzard to Gamlingay, rising out of the surrounding clay vales. It contains all of Bedfordshire’s remaining heathland, more than half of its woodland, and more surviving historic parkland than any other landscape in the country, often surrounding notable manor houses. This landscape character is a legacy of its underlying Greensand geology, which led to much of it being regarded as ‘marginal land’ not suitable for agriculture, as well as its management over centuries by major estates. The area is one of Natural England’s distinct ‘National Character Areas (NCA 90 – The Wooded Greensand Ridge).

As part of our Development stage we commissioned a Landscape Character Assessment and an Audience Development and Interpretation plan (ADIP).  These both told us unequivocally that this is an under-recognised and under-appreciated landscape.

We want to create a coherent landscape which people identify and where we can tell a joined up story.

The term ‘Greensand Country’ has been adopted by the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership (GSCLP) to encompass the entire landscape and create a shared identity.

We now need create a brand for the Greensand Country; a logo; branding guidelines and a marketing and communications plan.

If you would like to submit a tender for this work, please ask for further details from:

Claire Poulton.

Programme Manager
Greensand Country Landscape Partnership

LEADER Funding Goes Live!

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Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) is delighted to announce that funding through the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) LEADER Programme is now available to small businesses, farmers, foresters and communities in both the Greensand Ridge and Beds & Hunts Claylands areas.

From 2nd November 2015, businesses and communities in the rural areas of the Bedfordshire & Huntingdonshire Claylands, and the Greensand Ridge area of Central Bedfordshire and parts of South Cambridgeshire will have the opportunity to apply for funding through the 2015 – 2020 LEADER programme. Match-funded grants of between £10K to £80K will be available through a competitive process for projects that create jobs and grow the local rural economy.

BRCC managed the Greensand Ridge LEADER Programme from 2007 – 2013, during which time 15 projects were funded through the Programme, £1,386,470 was distributed as investment grant funding. This was the first time that LEADER funding had been available in the area and it resulted in the projects levering in a total volume of investment of £4,800,000, and helped to create 65 new jobs and numerous volunteer opportunities. Additionally, many other local businesses and suppliers were supported and benefitted mutually through increased partnership working and co-operation.

If you have an idea for a project, would like to be involved with one of the Local Action Groups or require more information about eligibility and the application process, please visit the Local Action Group pages using the links below or contact Ian Campbell, Rural Development facilitator at or on 01234 832612.

For projects in the Greensand Ridge Local Action Group area visit their website here.

For projects in the Beds & Hunts Claylands Local Action Group visit their website here.




Rate your views of the Greensand Ridge

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The ‘Secrets of the Sands’ Landscape Partnership for the Greensand Ridge needs your help to build a visual record of our landscape using a new smartphone app called ‘Rate My View’.

Developed by Plymouth University in partnership with the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) team, ‘Rate My View’ is an exciting new way to capture and share what you really feel about your local landscape. By helping us to explore the area, better understand how we all see it and discover what we particularly value about it, you will be adding valuable pieces to our jigsaw allowing us to complete the giant puzzle which makes up the Greensand Ridge landscape.

If you would like to play a part in this exciting project, please visit the App Store or Google Play and download the free app. Once installed on your smartphone you will be able to take a photo of your favourite place on the Ridge and then tell us why it is special to you.  Please make sure your GPS is on when you take the photo as this will enable us to pinpoint the location.  The app gives you the option to include three phrases with your photo to describe Why this is your favourite place on the ridge, what it means to you and Why it makes the Greensand Ridge unique to you. You can then upload and rate your pictures of the Greensand Ridge to the Rate My View website and also see how other people view our local landscape.

It’s easy, quick and good fun to use – so have a go and help us in the process.

Introducing ‘Secrets of the Sands’ the Landscape Partnership

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‘Secrets of the Sands’ is the Landscape Partnership for the Greensand Ridge, a long narrow wooded sandstone ridge lying to the south of Bedford and surrounded by clay vales. The Ridge extends for 35 miles from Leighton Buzzard in the south west to Gamlingay in the north east.

The story of the Greensand Ridge is steeped in its geology and how the lightness and acidity of its sandy soils led it to be considered for centuries as ‘marginal land’ amidst the more fertile soils around it. As a consequence, major landowners used the Ridge for hunting, recreation, forestry, heathland and livestock grazing. They built manor houses for themselves, and estate villages for their workers.

This heritage has been gradually declining for decades due to the changing economics of land use, and modern built development. The ‘Secrets of the Sands’ brings together the key partners in this distinctive landscape to reverse some of this decline, raise awareness amongst local people and visitors alike of the Ridge’s unique heritage, and involve them in creating a sustainable future. BRCC and the Greensand Trust are leading the ‘Secrets of the Sands’ Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership Scheme for the Greensand Ridge.

You can learn more about the vision for this programme here (click)

Bedfordshire & Huntingdonshire Claylands LAG

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Are you interested in the development of the rural economy in north Bedfordshire and west Huntingdonshire?

The Beds & Hunts Claylands Local Action Group (LAG), managed by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC), has provisionally been awarded LEADER funding by Defra from the Rural Development Programme to invest in local projects between 2015 and 2020. The amount has yet to be confirmed. How can I get involved?

Please contact Lisa King at or on 01234 832643, giving your contact details and your interest in the area.

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