Community transport team step up during Covid 19

Covid 19 has affected the day to day lives of many across Bedfordshire and it has been a challenging time, but that hasn’t stopped the teams of volunteers and staff stepping up to support those self-isolating and staying safe. Including our own community transport team.

Not everyone has been able to work, but those staff who were have been out and about in their vehicles supporting Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Council’s with food and medication deliveries, and providing transport to those who have needed to attend appointments.

At one point drivers were delivering around 120 shopping orders a week to residents in and around Bedford, with the help of volunteers from Bedford Borough Council. The main bulk of the shopping was routed through their Community Hub, with additional deliveries from The Barn, Cardington.

Neville Jephcote, Head of Transport, said “ Central Bedfordshire Council relayed urgent prescription needs to us for collection and delivery, whilst Bedford Borough forwarded requests from their Community Hub. Our drivers undertook huge amounts of shopping and took food to the isolated. Even though many of our staff have themselves self-isolated for differing reasons and our office staff were down to the very narrowest of margins, we are proud to have been doing our bit to help people stay in contact. We’ve changed from moving people to moving food and even on bank holiday weekends, we didn’t stop.

“I want to say a very big thank you to all those wonderful volunteers who have helped us to do what we do, both in normal times and during the recent crisis. We have had eight super individuals, who have helped us each day to shop and deliver and we really value their hard work.”

You can find out more about BedsRCC Community Transport on our website.

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