Green Wheels

Green Wheels are multi-user access routes around communities which pass through corridors of landscape, habitat and heritage interest.

BRCC is at the forefront of developing these community assets, in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council and local town and parish councils.

They are particularly valuable in providing access to green space and supporting biodiversity around areas of significant housing growth, such as the Ivel Valley.

Biggleswade Green Wheel

The Biggleswade Green Wheel, on which BRCC has worked for several years, was launched in March 2015 by BRCC Patron Bill Jordan at Jordans Mill.

Sandy Green Wheel

The walking route of the Sandy Green Wheel was opened in September 2018.

Work is  going on with landowners to create additional sections and to upgrade sections to make them suitable for cycling.

Etonbury Green Wheel

The Etonbury Green Wheel was launched as a walking route in May 2019.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Cliff Andrews on (01234) 832617

Two children riding on rural cycle path