Leighton Linslade Helping Hands step in to provide urgent help

Good Neighbour Schemes (GNS) have been busy during the Covid pandemic and as part of Random Acts of Kindness week, we’re going to throw the spotlight on some of the work that has been happening across Bedfordshire.

Following on from yesterday’s Christmas themed story, this one also starts on Christmas Eve last year, when an ambulance crew responded to a call to attend to a gentleman living on a boat in Leighton Buzzard. He had fallen after having difficulty walking, and whilst he wasn’t taken to hospital due to Covid, he was later seen by a GP and social worker.

The Social Worker felt that he was struggling by himself, running out of food and not able to walk to any shops to buy anything. More concerning, he hadn’t been able to collect the medication he needed, which he had run of. The GP was worried about his safety and ability to stay well in the bad weather and Covid  situation.

The social worker was referred to the local group, Leighton-Linslade Helping Hands (LLHH) through BedsRCC’s Good Neighbours Scheme. LLHH gave gentleman a call to see how they could help and assigned a volunteer to assist with the most urgent need, his medication, and getting food.

Unfortunately the gentleman had struggled to keep in touch with his surgery in Watford to request the repeat prescription, and so after some ringing around and a few visits to local pharmacy, the volunteer was able to get gentleman’s medication by contacting the surgery on his behalf and colleting it for him that following Monday.

The volunteer also gave him the number for the Leighton-Linslade Helpers (Task force) so that he could request food parcels, as he was finding it difficult to walk to the local shops, and made sure he had managed to go food shopping with a friend in the meantime.

Once the immediate issues were addressed, LLHH and their volunteers kept in touch with the gentleman and worked with the local surgery to register him locally so he no longer needed to contact the surgery in Watford. In addition, they arranged for him to have his first Covid-19 jab on Friday 5 Feb and took him to the vaccination centre. His second jab is planned for 30 April.

This is an example of the crucial work that groups like LLHH and all the Good Neighbour Schemes across Bedfordshire do every day to keep their residents safe and well. Without the work of the volunteers from LLHH, this gentleman would have been in real trouble.

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