BedsRCC Village Agent averts cat-astrophe

When Lucifer the cat knocked Mark’s laptop off the kitchen counter during lockdown, Mark feared he would be cut off from the outside world, but one of our Village Agents came to the rescue.

As a wheelchair user, his laptop was his lifeline, and the hefty £160 repair bill he was quoted was beyond his means. But when he told his Village Agent she leapt into action and soon found a sympathetic local IT enthusiast able to help. Within one day Mark had been loaned another laptop, and by the following day Mark’s own laptop had been repaired and returned at a cost of only £10 for a spare part.

“I couldn’t believe it” said Mark. “I love my cat, but he brought my world crashing to the ground. I didn’t know where to turn, and then, like magic, my Village Agent sorted everything out!”

BedsRCC has a team of five Village Agents, funded by Bedford Borough Council, and our services are free of charge. Our role is to help older and vulnerable people living in rural areas to access information and support (which they are often not aware is available) and we are happy to take on any issues which are causing distress or concern.

During lockdown we can’t make our usual indoor home visits, but we are still doing what we can to help sort out people’s problems. We have been able to help remotely by filling in applications for Blue Badges, Attendance Allowance or benefits, organise food shopping, and generally help people access the many valuable support services which are still functioning in the Borough of Bedford.

Anyone who needs to access the Village Agent Scheme should call 0800 039 1234 and leave a message with their name, village and phone number. They will be called back by the Agent who covers their village.

The service is called “Just Ask”, so do just ask us about anything that is worrying you and we’ll do our best to help, but please remember that this scheme only covers the 51 villages in the Borough of Bedford.

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