Clock repair makes Mrs A’s day

BedsRCC has a team of four Village Agents, funded by Bedford Borough Council, who help older and vulnerable people living in rural areas. The agents provide a range of support, from the standard everyday requests like guidance on how to access services and filling forms, to more bespoke needs.

Mrs A, an 80 year old client of Village Agent Teresa, made a special plea for help recently. Mrs A asked if Teresa could help her to get a clock mended, which her late husband had made and which held great sentimental value.

It was a battery clock and the hands had fallen off inside the glass front, which didn’t open. Teresa collected the clock and took it to her neighbour, Barry, who loves to do projects and enjoys repairing items. Barry was more than happy to help as he’s currently shielding, and he managed to mend it in less than a week.

Mrs A was delighted. When Teresa arrived she was busy tending her garden and gave Teresa a dahlia plant which she had grown to give to Barry as a thank you. She also recorded a thank you video.

Teresa said “I’ve assisted Mrs A several times over the last few years and this is great example of the work we do to help our clients. We’re happy to take on any issues which are causing distress or concern and we can sometimes put people in touch with other people who can help them, as we have those connections already. It might seem a simple thing, but I know it made Mrs A very happy and that makes me happy.”

If you’d like to contact your Village Agent, call 0800 039 1234. Leave a message with your name, your village and your phone number, and the Agent who covers your village will call you back.

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