Symbol Spot Launch at St Albans Signal Box Museum

The new Beds and Herts Symbol Spot Trail, in association with Mini Map Makers, will launch at a special family launch day event on Tuesday 26 October.

Launch day family fun

Join the Super Spotters on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 from 10am to 4pm for a family day out at St Albans South Signal Box to help launch the new Symbol Spot Activity for families travelling by train.

Mapping and craft activities

The Beds & Herts Line Symbol Spot Activity Project Launch will include special pre-booked mapping and craft activities run by Captain Alice from Mini Map Makers.

Groups of up to 10 children will be able to learn about maps, make and decorate a 3D card train model and maybe try their hands at plaiting (a local craft used to make straw hats in the past!)

The sessions help children understand our amazing world through maps and cartography with Mini Map-Makers

Activities are suited towards children aged 5 -15.
Each session runs for 45 minutes
Each child will be supplied with their own craft materials

Timings are as follows:

Session 1 10:00
Session 2 11:00
Session 3 13:00
Session 4 14:00

There is a small non-refundable charge of £2.00 per child to cover fees and materials.

How the Symbol Spot Trail works

Symobol Spot markers being installed

Symbol Spot is a rail-based family on a train ‘Eye-Spy’ type of activity, using an informative Activity Booklet which will be made available from CRP station ticket offices to purchasers of child tickets.

Educational fun for the whole family

Participating families travel by train, solving tasks by looking out of the window on the way to each of the eight stations to collect a ‘rubbing’ from a Symbol Spot plaque.

Each plaque is unique to the locality and is mounted on a post either on the platform (Bedford and Luton Airport Parkway) or just outside of the station (all others) plus at the entrance to the Signal Box museum at St Albans.

When all the rubbings have been collected in the activity book, and all the tasks completed, a completion certificate will be available on production of a completed booklet.

There’s no end date for completion.

Activity Packs will be distributed to stations from next Wednesday 27th October.

Find out more

Visit the Mini Map-Makers website to find out more about Symbol Spot and their workshops and activities.

Boy and adult enjoying Symbol Spot
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