Kindness in the Community

On Saturday we celebrate Word Kindness Day, a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to ourselves, and to the world.

At BRCC the idea of kindness expressed in our work in community is at the heart of all that we do.

BRCC runs a variety of projects across Bedfordshire promoting kindness between neighbours and in the wider community.

Village and Community Agents

When Miss N. was told she needed major heart surgery she felt very vulnerable, as she lives alone and has no family to help her.

But when she came home from hospital she was overwhelmed by kind offers of help from various friends, who brought her a hot meal every day, took away her weekly washing, and visited regularly.

In addition, neighbours she scarcely knew gave her their mobile numbers and offered to do her shopping.

She was also supported by her Village Agent, who helped her complete a Blue Badge application, provided her with handy reacher, and applied to Bedford Borough Council for a care alarm, in case she needed emergency assistance.

“So many people have been so kind” says Miss N.

“I feel we are very lucky to have our Village Agent. She is so knowledgable, kind & helpful and absolutely the right person for the job”.


The Time 2 Connect project in Houghton Regis supports residents, giving them a space to meet, make new friends and engage with community events.

Sharing the time to listen to each other has been a positive experience for the group, with acts of kindness happening all the time.


Timebankers enjoy sharing their talents; they often make or do things for each other as simple acts of kindness.  

Belonging to a group of Timebankers is only the beginning of an exciting kindness journey that soon develops into a feel-good habit.

Man doing pottery
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