Staff, Trustees, Patrons and Volunteers Come Together for BRCC Celebration Event

On Monday 25th July, staff, trustees, patrons and volunteers from across BRCC’s teams came together to celebrate the hard work they have carried out over the past year.

The celebration event took place at Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre, which gave people the opportunity to have tours around the museum and enjoy looking around the tea rooms.

Our deputy CEO Cliff Andrews was busy on the BBQ, and staff from The Barn prepared some fantastic salads to go alongside. The event also saw our CEO Tracy Cowan present the Staff and Volunteer Star Awards, which were previously delayed due to COVID-19.

For each award, there was a highly commended and winner which Chair of Trustees Paula Grayson presented with a trophy. Many more people were nominated for each award, and it was a difficult decision to pick from all the fantastic entries. It was wonderful to see people from across the BRCC projects and services have their hard work recognised.


The Beds RCC All Round Good Egg Award

Someone who is a kind, reliable and a generally nice person.

Highly Commended- Carol Huntingdon Bookings Clerk, Community Transport team

Winner- Stephen Sleight Transport Team Leader (Rail)

The Very Lovely Volunteer Award

A volunteer who gives their free time to support and promote Beds RCC.

Highly Commended- John Robertson & David Cousins

Winner- Joan Barrell

The Totally Terrific Team Member Award

A team member (can be anyone in any team) who is supportive, helpful and goes out if their way to ensure the team is successful.

Highly Commended- Mae Eaton Area Lead: Bedford Borough and Community Wellbeing Champion

Winner- Parvin Masih Transport Team Leader (Road)

Team BRCC Covid Champion Award

Someone who went over and above during the pandemic such as changing roles or doing additional duties alongside their current role.

Highly Commended- Andrea MacAdam Village and Community Agent

Winner- Guiseppe Picardi & Pardeed Bassin (Bob) Community Drivers

The Annoying Ray of Sunshine Award

A person who brings happiness into the lives of others – even if we don’t want it!

Highly Commended- Mike Fayers Environment and Community Officer

Winner- Bill Simmons Digital Lead

The Font of All Knowledge Award

A person who simply knows everything about BRCC and who you can go to if you need to know anything about anything.

Highly Commended- Paula Grayson Chair of Trustees

Winner- Dave Gray Data and Marketing Manager

The Best Maker of Beverages

The person who always makes the tea/coffee and does it with a smile.

Highly Commended- Linda Griffiths Tea Room Manager

Winner- Stephen Sleight Transport Team Leader (Rail)

The Perfectly Positive Award

A person who is full of hope and confidence at all times and inflicts that on others.

Highly Commended- Dave Gray Data and Marketing Manager

Winner- Mae Eaton Area Lead: Bedford Borough and Community Wellbeing Champion

The Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Award

A person who always manages to find good things in a bad situation.

Winner- Hannah Penwright Marketing and Communications Officer

The Best of Beds RCC Award

The staff member who encompasses all of Beds RCC’s values and ethos.

Highly Commended- Kate Ellis Head of Community and Wellbeing

Winner- Simon Patterson Community Buildings Advisor

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