What is Timebanking

Timebanking is a free exchange of time and skills. People give an hour of their time to help someone, and earn a ‘time-credit’ that can be exchanged for an hour of help for themselves. Almost any type of help can be offered and by anyone. So, for each hour you give, you get something back and an hour’s help from others. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free!

Almost any type of help can be offered and by anyone.

Everyone’s skill is worth exactly the same regardless of the activity offered. Everyone is equal in a Timebank!

1 hour = 1 time-credit

Why Timebanking?

Timebanking enables people to help their neighbours and do something worthwhile in their community, but without the regular commitment often associated with volunteering.

It offers a chance to share skills and interests and to gain new ones.

It increases the pool of resources in a community, without having to raise additional finance, and makes those resources available to everyone.

People get to know neighbours and begin to look out for each other; bringing back old-fashioned neighbourliness, which in turn helps people feel more confident and safe in their community.

It can reduce the strain experienced by some services, empowering people to support each-other and increasing feelings of well-being.

What skills can be exchanged?

Almost anything! Typical exchanges range from garden or small DIY help, to dog-walking, baking, teaching crafts, music and IT or picking up a new hobby like a musical instrument, language or photography. The Timebank members decide what to exchange and as the Timebank gets bigger, so does the pool of activities on offer.

Who can join?

Anyone! Everyone! All ages and ability are encouraged to get involved and because there are no defined ‘givers’ and ‘receivers’, everyone is encouraged to do a little of both, it makes everyone feel useful and involved in the community.

Timebanking empowers those who usually only receive assistance to be able to ‘give something back’.

Timebanking fits around any busy lifestyle because for every hour you give, you receive an hour back to get something done for yourself!

Timebanking bridges the divides between race, class, age and gender, as it defines people by what they are prepared to do for each-other; nothing else.

Everyone has something to give and everyone’s time is valued equally; regardless of age, ability, finance or mobility.

It costs nothing and doesn’t affect state benefits.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about Timebanking please email timebanking@bedsrcc.org.uk

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