Rare pink grasshopper found in our Heritage Centre car park !

A rare pink grasshopper has been spotted near our wonderful Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre in Bedfordshire.

Chris Hall, who is our manager for Ridgmont Station Heritage Centre, spotted the grasshopper as he walked alongside the car park for the heritage centre.  Chris who is also a professional photographer said:

“I have seen a lot of grasshoppers as I walk around the car park. I’ve never seen a pink one before though.

It’s one of my usual quick walks when I need a break to think about something. I just happened to look down and there it was in the middle of the path. Fortunately, I had my phone with me and was able to take a quick photo before a train went by and scared it off.”

While grasshoppers themselves are not rare they are usually green or brown allowing them to be camouflaged in their natural habitat.

It’s thought that pink grasshoppers may be the result of a genetic mutation, similar to that which affects albino animals. In some cases, the pigments are reduced, and in others there is an excess of pigment.  Here the pink/red pigment is excessive causing the colour.


Photo by Christopher James Hall ( https://christopherjameshall.co.uk )