The Barn Hosts its First Tasting Day with Badgers Chilli Kitchen

On Friday 29th April, Lee, owner of Badgers Chilli Kitchen, joined us for our first tasting day at The Barn.

With lots of exciting changes at The Barn including improvements to the inside and outside café areas, new additions to the menu, and new local producers stocked in our farm shop, we were really looking forward to the launch of our tasting days and events. We kicked things off with a tasting day for chilli lovers, with Lee sharing his range of seasonings, relishes, sauces, and nuts.

To give customers a flavour of how to use his seasonings, Lee had mixed them with natural yoghurt so that people could try a taste. All of the spices are cooked out in the seasonings so they can be used in hot or cold dishes. He’d also been cooking up some chicken and meatballs, so you could try the products with these as well.

All of the products ranged from mild to extra hot, so there was something for everyone to enjoy, and see how hot they could handle! From the lemon drop seasoning, to the now infamous Original Reaper chilli sauce, people had lots of fun tasting different products.

chilli sauce bottles lined up with tasters

Lee said:

I had an excellent day at The Barn on Friday, getting to meet some regular customers of theirs is always a winner. I always have fun at these sorts of events as I can really get to interact with my new/future customers. 

The next event planned in the diary is a Badgers Chilli Kitchen themed BBQ, which is happening on Sunday 12th June. We will focus on flavour as well as a couple of Extra Hot dishes for the brave!! 

There were recipe cards for Chinese pan roast spicy duck with beetroot & orange rice noodles and sesame greens and Marinated Lemon Drop chicken burger with grilled courgette, spinach and feta salad available to pick up, so that people could find some recipe inspiration too. Come and find a recipe card with our Badgers Chilli Kitchen stock if you didn’t get one on the day.

Lee will be back on Sunday 12th June for the Badgers Chilli Kitchen BBQ, so we’ll look forward to seeing him there! Keep an eye out for more information on our Facebook page.

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